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 Spring Semester Textbook information will be available online beginning Dec. 5, 2022.

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Campus Shop FAQ

When can I buy my books?

If you are using financial aid to purchase your books (Pell grant, veteran's affairs, scholarships, etc.) you will have to purchase during the open financial time period in the Campus Shop which always starts on the first day of class and lasts for ten days. These dates will be posted in the Campus Shop.

If you are buying out of pocket you can purchase at any time, but we recommend not buying too early. You can come in the week before classes start to beat the crowds and that way you are still within our 8 day return policy if you have to drop your class.

Keep in mind- The Campus Shop recommends that you attend class before purchasing your books. This way if you have to change classes, or if your instructor changes, or you need to drop a class, you will have that information before buying your textbooks.

How do I know what books I need?

All you need to buy your textbooks is your class schedule and your student ID. Using your class schedule, a Campus Shop employee will pull your books for you. Books are organized by class, for example COMP 1000 or ENGL 1101. Because the Campus Shop cannot guarantee your books are correct without a class schedule, we will not give out any books if you do not have it.

How do I use financial aid?

If you are awarded financial aid, the dollar amount is stored on your student ID badge. You must have your student ID badge to use your financial aid. Campus Shop employees cannot use your number or your driver's license. When you come to the register, the employee will scan your badge and ring up your items. It will print a receipt for you to sign and then you will receive a receipt for your records. If your purchase is more than your awarded aid amount, you will have to pay the difference out of pocket.

What can I buy with financial aid?

It depends on what type of aid you have been awarded. The Pell grant covers textbooks and school supplies (including uniforms, kits, etc.). Veteran's affairs and scholarships cover textbooks and limited supplies. If you are unsure of what you can purchase with your award, it is your responsibility to find out what is allowed before you purchase. If you purchased an item not covered by your award, you will be billed for the item when your account is reconciled after the financial aid period.

Food, drinks, and fashion apparel are not covered by any of the financial aid awards.

I'm an Dual Enrollment student. How do I get my books?

Dual Enrollment students pick up their books from the Campus Shop during the Dual Enrollment pick up times (usually three days before classes start and the second week of classes). Check with the Campus Shop or Student Affairs to find out when to pick up your books. Bring in photo identification when you pick up your books and be sure to tell the Campus Shop staff that you are a Dual Enrolled student. At the end of the semester, your issued textbooks (not one time use products like access codes or e-texts) must be returned to the Campus Shop. Check with the Campus Shop to find out the deadline for returning your book. If you do not return your book by the deadline you will be charged for the book and unable to register for the next semester.

Can I rent my textbooks?

The Campus Shop does offer a rental program for some textbooks. Book bundles and one-time use access codes are usually not offered as a rental. If any of your textbooks are available to rent your cashier will ask you at the register if you would like to rent or purchase the book.

To rent a textbook, you must have your driver's license and a credit card. You can pay the rental fee with your chosen payment, cash, financial aid, etc., but you must have a credit card at time of purchase. The credit card won't be charged during the transaction but the information is stored. If the book is not returned by the end of the rental period, your credit card will be charged for the difference of the book and a late fee.

When are rental books due back?

Rental books are due back on the last day of the semester. The deadline will be printed on your receipt. Once you are finished with your book, bring it back to the Campus Shop and a Campus Shop employee will give you a receipt as proof of your return.

If you do not return the book, your credit card will be charged the difference for the book and a late fee by Nebraska Book Company.

Can I sell my book to the Campus Shop at the end of the semester?

The Campus Shop regularly offers Buyback periods where we buy used textbooks. Check with us to find out the next available dates.

To sell used, good condition books, bring them into the Campus Shop during Buyback. A Campus Shop employee will scan the barcode on the book to see if it is included in our database and the buying price. The buying price is dependent on a few different factors, including edition, supply and demand, and availability. If you decide to sell your books, we give you cash on the spot!

How do I get the ISBN and other information for my textbooks?

You can get all your information on your textbook from our website. It is our goal to have the website live at least four weeks before the new semester starts. Also when you attend class, your instructor should include the textbook information on the syllabus. In order to prevent misinformation, Campus Shop employees are not allowed to give out ISBNs over the phone.

Also, due to publisher protections, you are not allowed to take photographs of the textbooks in the Campus Shop.

I'm trying to buy my book on Amazon/other source but the ISBN isn't available.

If the textbook is in a bundle package or is a custom book created for Savannah Tech, it is not likely it will be available through another source. When shopping from an outside source, be very careful that you are receiving all the correct components that you need for your class.

My access code for class isn't working. What should I do?

Your first step is to contact the company for customer support. Most of the codes come in packaging that will have a phone number or email for customer support. Many issues with access codes can be resolved quickly by calling the company. If you cannot get your issue resolved with customer support, follow up with your instructor on the problem.

Pearson customer support: 1-800-677-6337
Cengage customer support: 1-800- 354-9706

Thank you for choosing the Campus Shop!